Wednesday, 13 October 2010

What's in my bag?

This has been a popular question that many people want to know about other people. I know how much I enjoy reading and watching videos entitled 'Whats in my bag?' - probaly because I'm nosey haha. So to anyone who is interested here is whats in my handbag.

My bag was a gift from a friend for my birthday
Its a cross body satchel from Topshop and I think it cost £38.
It's easy to carry and holds lots of unnecessary items that I probaly dont even need in there!
As you can see thats quite a lot of things to fit into that bag - it could explain why I have a sore shoulder now and again! 

 I dont carry a lot of makeup around with me UNLESS im staying over night then I will have a little makeup bag with me. 

I have a hairbrush, Extra mints, mirror, Bassett's soft and chewy Multivitamins, 4Head, MAC Turquatic perfume, NARS Laguna bronzer, MAC 187 brush, Cuticura hand gel, 'I love Vanilla and icecream' glossy lipbalm, Lush Whip Stick lip balm, Urban Decay 24/7 double ended eye liner in Whisky and Zero, Illamasqua sheer lipgloss and Benefit BAD gal liner.

The electronic items I carry with me include; my Kodak Zi8 camera and my iPhone 3G. I usually have my pink skull candy headphones in my bag but I had them out because I went walking earlier. My camera that took the pictures is usually in there as well its a purple Nikon S550 Coolpix.
 These are probaly the items that way my bag down so much! The book im reading at the minute is 'No Place Like Home' by Pen Farthing. Which is upsetting in places but well worth a read.  I also carry with me is my 'Bible in 40 days' and this pretty shabby chic notebook that I got in Accessorize that I use to write shopping lists, blog post ideas and general doodles.

My purse is real leather by Grace Sellie. I got this when I was on holiday in Cyprus this summer and it cost me 30 Euro. I love it because it feels really expensive and has loads of compartments. However, with it being white it can get dirty easily!

 and we're DONE!

=) xo


  1. your bag is gorgeous and i'm craaaving an iphone, i've kind of guessed i'm never going to get one though! :) x

  2. To make you feel better my iPhone is VERY tempermental lol - Freezes a lot and I've had to replace is on a few occasions! Im a regular to the Apple Store lol. Thanks =) xx