Thursday, 14 October 2010

Whats IN and whats OUT?


Autumn/Winter days  -  People would presume that I would prefer the Summer season because where I come from 360 days generally consists of wind and rain. I do enjoy getting away on a summer holiday. However, I really love going for a walk on a bright crisp day with a hat, chunky scarf, a big coat and boots on. Followed by curling up in front of the fire with a blanket and a Aero hot chocolate.

Don't Tell the Bride - If you have never seen this programme on BBC Three then you should be ashamed of yourself! It basically involves a man organising his wedding with no help from his other half but the help of £12,000 from the BBC. It's a Tuesday night ritual with Stuartie (boyfriend) and I and I'll be very disappointed when the series comes to an end.  

Cupcakes - I got the idea in my head that I wanted to try and make cupcakes - So me and Stuartie got baking and they turned out to be a success!  

Weddings  - I've been with Stuartie for nearly 5 years and we have discussed taking the next step and getting married. We have been to wedding shows and seem to have planned it all without actually being engaged haha =). Its exciting and I'm looking forward to when we can start setting things in stone <3. 

Travelling -  Me, Stuartie and our friend Steven are off to London next weekend to be typical tourists! I've been to London quite a few times but stil enjoy going back. We plan to visit the usual attractions and maybe squeeze in some shopping in Camden and eat in Wagamama. Also, for our 5 year anniversary Stuartie and me are thinking of going to New York. We have been before and loved it so hopefully it will happen! 


Footballers -  This is something that really angers me! The fact footballers get paid ridiculous amounts of money for kicking a ball about a pitch. Then they decide that its ok to cheat on their girlfriends/wifes CLEARLY thinking they wont get caught. Obviously not ALL footballers cheat but I'm sure you all know the ones I'm talking about.

Oily skin - When I was a teenager I always had normal skin and my foundation seemed to last a majority of the day. As I've gotten older its decided to turn oily in places which my foundation doesn't take too kindly to. 

Lack of money -  I no longer have a student loan to live off =( hopefully will start my new job soon as I'm bored and need to buy some nice clothes and makeup! 

Technology - Theres time I love technology and then times I cant stand it as its unreliable! For example; exercise bike decided to stop working and my iPhone is freezing and playing up as usual! 


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  1. Dont tell the bride is my telly indulgence...forget X factor!! winter mornings are also the best mornings x