Tuesday, 12 October 2010

What did I do today?

Hi everyone

The good thing about being jobless right now means I can spend time with my friends as Im usually with my boyfriend at the weekend. Today I met my friend in town for some 'coffee' (I always wonder why people say "lets meet for coffee" when they probably dont even drink coffee when they meet?) ANYWAY...I dont drink coffee haha so I had a coconut steamer. It's AMAZING until you reach the bottom and its very sweet and sickening. We surfed Facebook, YouTube and the usual sites 22/24 year old fashion loving girls look at.

Then we trotted off to have a lovely walk in a woodland area with a river which when sunny really makes it look stunning. We met some lovely animals on route and took some snaps....

I found a cute little friend

 This is what happens when you forget to use a timer!

 Alice in Wonderland? 


Me and my best friend - I just ran from the timer therefore I look awkward haha. The things we do for a picture!

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