Sunday, 17 October 2010

'Smile Bright'

I've always been sceptical about teeth whitening, fearing that my teeth will loose their enamel, become infected or possibly fall out - maybe a bit extreme but I've been told I'm a bit of a hypochondriac! 

Teeth whitening used to be something that was only affordable to celebrities, with the likes of Simon Cowell and Katie Price all sporting very unnatural 'pearly whites'. This has resulted in the rise in home whitening kits which are more affordable to the average person. 

When shopping on Saturday I came across a stand by 'Smile Bright' in a shopping centre. I was intrigued and decided to investigate further to see what it was all about. The sales lady approached me and asked if I would like to test some on my two top teeth. 

At £20 (approximately 15 applications) I decided to give it a go. 

What do they say about this product?
  • 'New advanced cosmetic teeth whitening from the USA'
  • 'Proven to whiten your teeth up to 12 shades brighter'
  • '100% safe to teeth and gums'
  • 'Approved by the FDA'

Whats included?
  • Two 5ml syringes of whitening gel 
  • One 5ml syringe of remineralizer which helps to toughen the enamel
  • Bleaching tray for top and bottom teeth
  • Protective case for the trays

When I got it home I noticed that the packaging didn't list what ingredients were in the product and their website isn't very extensive explaining about the product. However, there is a mobile number that you can ring for any queries. 

I'm going to investigate further before I try this product but all being well I will do a review showing changes (if any) throughout the whitening process. 

If anyone is interested in giving it a go you can buy it from their website which is or call 07522 294 343.

Has anyone ever used this product or know anyone that has?

=) x

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