Monday, 17 January 2011

Budget or Splurge? MAC vs NYX

Today when I was rooting through my makeup I found some products that appear identical in colour if not very close matches to others that I've spent a little more on. This inspired me to do a post on Budget or Splurge - reviewing whether price necessarily means better quality. 

The contenders today include:
MAC Blushcreme - Ladyblush
NYX Rouge Cream Blush - CB02 Natural

As you can see from the picture the colour of both products are practically identical but who will be the overall winner?

I bought Ladyblush a few months ago and have been using it on and off. I think its a great daytime colour but I'm not convinced that its worth £17.00. 

Pretty colour
Has a sheen off it when applied to the cheek
Applies easily with a stippling brush

Feels slightly sticky when applied
Poor lasting power 
Smells like chalk

I bought NYX last year in a outlet makeup shop for £6.99. I've checked online and the NYX website sells it for £9.95. 

Feel smoother to touch than Ladyblush
Excellent colour pay of
Doesn't smell like chalk =)

Harder to blend in
Lasting power is better than Ladyblush

Overall I personally prefer NYX Cream Blush - a saving of £7.05 is always helpful when your practically jobless and have a makeup obsession like me!


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