Tuesday, 7 December 2010

In's and Out's


Christmas market - I get very excited about the Christmas festivities and nothing feels more Christmasy than going to the Continental Market in Belfast. It has stalls from all over the World serving food, drinks, sweets, jewellery and general products that people can relate to that country. 

Taking pictures - I love having pictures to remember those special moments =)

Ladyblush - I love this blusher! It gives a nice pinky colour on my cheeks as well as a glow. Review to follow. 

Moisturiser - My skin gets very dry in the winter and to help it I've been using Jergens Naturals. I find it really moisturising and it smells amazing! My favourite moisturiser of all time is Soap and Glory in peach but unfortunately Boots has been sold out every time I've been in.


Snow - When the snow first arrived I really liked it because it looked pretty and made it feel like Christmas. Now I've had enough of it! Getting stuck twice, clearing my car windscreen, spraying de-icer, adding extra time onto every journey and having cold wet feet. It's ok if you dont drive and dont need to get anywhere...

Early starts - Very hard in the cold snowy mornings! I find it very hard to tear myself away from my comfy bed and my electric blanket.
Job hunting - I wish it was easy to get the job you want but unfortunately in this day and age its impossible! Having a degree doesn't seem to matter its all about experience which is difficult to get. Constant circle...


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