Thursday, 28 October 2010

Shopping in London NEEDS patience

It was pretty much impossible to shop on one of the busiest and most popular shopping streets in London on a Saturday afternoon. Yes, I'm talking about Oxford Street.

I love Primark and recently I've got a lot of clothes from it so I was excited to venture to one of the biggest in the UK. However,it took patience and very little clothing to plunge into the depths of it. I filled a basket and went to try them on where I was faced with a queue of around 30 people! Luckily the things I'd put in the basket could be tried on without flashing anyone - so I took to a quiet corner. Unfortunately, the sqeezing past people and rails, sweating and tripping on clothes wasn't worth it! 


I love cardigans and khaki so this cardigan was perfect and only cost £14.99.  

This denim effect shirt also cost £14.99. 

New Look

I'd seen this long pussy bow blouse online, but being impatient I wanted it straight away! I hunted Oxford Street for it and found it in the New Look opposite Topshop. 

It cost £24.99 and can be dressed up with jeans and heels or dressed down with leggings and boots. 

Camden Market

Camden was comming down with these clock necklaces and I got this one for £10.00. It's a dirty gold colour with a blue face and will look nice with a loose top and cardigan.

Airport duty free

I purchased DayWear Plus as I'd heard good reports about it from a few YouTube gurus. It cost £24.87 from duty free, whereas its RRP is £30.00! This makes me feel better that I saved some money and so far so good I love it!

=) xo 

Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.


  1. yes primark on a sat in london should be avoided at all costs xxx